About Me

Welcome to my website.  I love photography and travelling. I have a particular affinity for Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ireland and the UK (mainly because of my Silesian, Prussian, English and Irish ancestry), and hope to see much more of the world in coming years. I also love being a purveyor who can show you beautiful things from near and afar, exploring and learning about my own ancestry and associated cultures in the process.

I hope you will enjoy browsing through my photographic and travel memories.

“If you love life then don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.” – Bruce Lee

When I’m not travelling or taking photos, you can find me at home in my cottage on a small acreage in the Barossa spending time with my pets or propagating plants from my thirty year-old garden, painting folk art, making crafts or taking/editing photographs. It makes a nice change after working very, very long days in the wine and mining industries. I definitely prefer working from home these days and am very lucky to be able to do so.

My first overseas adventure happened in  late 2015 and the only regret I have is that I didn’t go overseas decades sooner. In saying that, I have been incredibly lucky to see so much of Australia however I’m yet to visit Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

My next major trip will be to Europe and Scandinavia. Until then, there are a few short adventures to wonderful places in Australia ahead. It’s a beautiful world and I’m grateful for every day and opportunity that I am given to enjoy it.

I hope my creations bring some magic into your day as much as they bring into mine when I make them.


On another note, this website is dedicated to an incredibly special lady, friend and mentor, who passed away recently, Jean Wood.

Jean was my neighbour and one of the most incredible women that I have ever met. A much loved nursing sister at our local hospital for many decades, an outstanding member of any community that she could be involved with, a trusted and loyal friend who was known for her huge smile and ability to make anyone she spoke to feel important, Jean was also the most adventurous and passionate traveller I have ever met.

I was a very young woman when we met as new neighbours here in the Barossa in 1987. Jean’s postcards sent from afar, gifts brought home for me, tales, photos and passion used to whet my appetite even more for travel. She would be thrilled to know how much influence she had upon me. Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to tell her as she passed away very recently before I could show her this website and tell her about my recent trip to Europe. I loved hearing from her family how one of the last cities she chose to go to was Budapest because I was smitten with that city, also.

Jean made the most of every single second of every day and gave so much more back to the world than she took. Whether as a lady in her seventies crossing rope bridges whilst trekking the mountains of Nepal or volunteering to help others sometimes many years younger than her, she kept smiling and seeing beauty and wonder in everything. Very fitting that one of the songs played at her funeral was Louis Armstrong’s ‘What A Wonderful World’… It certainly is, and made even more wonderful by the ninety-two years that Jean Wood was in it.

Rest In Peace, Jean and thank you for lighting the fire inside of me that makes me look at so much with the same sense of wonderment that you did.

I look forward to adding content to this page regularly to share my tips, experiences and photos from many years of travelling around Australia and thus far, a few months exploring Europe.