Kangaroo Island – (Part 1) The (New) Gold Dream.

I’m very spoilt having a home in the Barossa Ranges. As a photographer, living here gives me opportunities to witness some of the best light in Australia, in all seasons, so it takes something incredibly special to beat that. But I know a place that does – Kangaroo Island.

I’ve just returned from a ten day trip to Kangaroo Island, South Australia. Six of those days were spent co-hosting a fabulous group of people who were participants in Danielle Lancaster’s Bluedog Photography Tour of Kangaroo Island – Danielle’s first ever visit to Kangaroo Island and South Australia.

I met Danielle in Quilpie, (Outback) Queensland in 2013 when I drove from the Barossa to Quilpie to attend her Outback Photography Tour at the exceptionally incredible Bunginderry Station owned by Stephen and Annabel Tully. It was one of the grandest adventures of my life. I think I drove around three thousand kilometres, solo, often in temperatures of thirty five degrees celcius on roads with more roadkill than you can imagine and massive roadtrains on roads more suited to a four wheel drive, not a Honda Civic (there is a lot to be said for driving to the conditions, no matter where or what vehicle you are driving!). I met some amazing people and I will write more about that in future posts but for now, back to Kangaroo Island….

To cut a long story short, Danielle and I had discussed the possibility of collaborating one day and the Kangaroo Island Tour of August 2017 was the result of that idea. As I have travelled to the island numerous times, and being incredibly blessed to have some very good friends living there, I know that Kangaroo Island is always a photographer’s dream.

For days I have been thinking of how to start this blog post – how to put all the words and passion I feel for the island and its people into words, how to tie my common theme into so much, and how to make you see just how special this place is. Kangaroo Island is a slice of heaven on earth. It’s a (New) Gold Dream.



At the end of the tour, everyone flew off the island via Rex Airlines from the quaint but expanding (for upcoming Qantas flights) Kingscote Airport. I was the only person in our group who brought a vehicle to the island so when the Sealink ferries were cancelled on the day I was meant to leave, I was “stranded” on the island for another two days (my choice because I didn’t want to take my only option of the 7.30pm ferry the next night because after an hour crossing the sea, I would have had another three or four hours drive back to the Barossa from Cape Jervis in the dark, so I waited an extra day until I could board the 1.30pm ferry).  That gave me extra, unexpected time to wander around Emu Bay and Kingscote  and also to visit and stay with my wonderful friends, Grant and Ella.

It was surreal being alone after such a busy week in a group, and almost immediately, the most beautiful light began to appear – everything turned gold (on and off) in numerous places that I visited over the next two days. Bizarre but beautiful. It reminded me of the colour of the famous Kangaroo Island Honey which is made from the only pure strain of Ligurian Bee left in the world. Kangaroo Island is the world’s oldest bee sanctuary and one of my must-do stops on the island is Clifford’s Honey Farm where you can buy a small pot of their infamous honey icecream for AU$4.00. It’s too divine for words! I definitely encouraged our group to buy a tub to try and they all enjoyed it immensely. I am sure they will always remember the creamy, decadent taste as most people I know who have been to Clifford’s never forget the experience of trying what I think is the world’s best honey icecream. The photos below were all taken at Clifford’s Honey Farm.


I plan to release a set of prints from Kangaroo Island that captured my golden moments on the island but first I have much to write about. Even though I have been to many sensational places in the world, ‘KI’ remains one of my favourite places, especially in winter and I want to share all the things that make it so very special. I also like to embrace my inner Pooh Bear because the honey and the beeswax products continue to entice me as much as the gorgeous golden light that makes the scenery so beautiful and my heart warm with wonder.

To be continued…..

Cheers for now,