It’s a Wonderful World.

Thanks to my friend, Georgann who posted this wonderful book to me from the USA many years ago. 

It’s Autumn in the Barossa Ranges and it’s reminding me more and more of Europe, especially on the misty mornings. The colours, the aromas and the temperature have brought lots of memories back to me the last few days  so today I thought I would share some of my favourite places in the world with you. I’ll be writing about many of these in depth in upcoming posts but for today I”ll give you a snippet of what’s ahead and my reasons as to why.


Kangaroo Island, South Australia – The amazing rugged beauty and abundance of flora and fauna is to be admired.

The Flinders Ranges, South Australia – Some of the most spectacular rock formations in the world.

The Great Ocean Road, Victoria – Very well known and incredibly beautiful. Instead of driving through it in a day, plan a few stop-overs in some of the gorgeous towns along the way.

Outback Queensland – The stars, the red dirt and the Channel Country are all sights to behold.

Tasmania – Just wow! People often skip Tasmania but it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful parts of Australia, for so many reasons especially the forests.



Stuttgart, Germany – The first German city that I ever explored. So much history and the largest Christmas Market is a feast for the senses.

Amsterdam, Netherlands – The canals and the coffee plus the ease of public transport make Amsterdam an absolute winner.

Bruges, Belgium – This historical city will have your jaw dropping open at every turn. Amazing.

Potsdam, Germany – Beautiful Potsdam is not far from Berlin and every bit as spectacular but often overlooked.

Wroclaw, Poland – The architecture and the happy people. A fantastic atmosphere. Wroclaw (Breslau) is truly stunning.

Krakow, Poland – There are so many great things about Krakow and the surrounding areas. I love this region of Poland.

Bratislava, Slovakia – The Old Town is like going back in time and the value for money all over this city is superb! People are very friendly, too.

Budapest, Hungary – The food, the wine and the bunkers. Yes, the bunkers!